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bells4639 replied to your post: gonna take this oppurtunity and go on …

If you unfollow me will you tell me?

I actually like your blog a lot so I ain’t unfollowing you, Bells!

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i forget why i made this

this has nothing to do with anything and it’s still the best thing i’ve ever reblogged
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Favourite jokes

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chickhabitat replied to your post: just got home from parents place yeste…

What happened? :O

Well! Dad and Simon called me Robin, out loud, at dinner, and the rest of the day, in front of mom, who continued to call me by my old name

I have no idea how this happened since dad is always doing what mom wants him to??

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gonna take this oppurtunity and go on a major unfollowing spree

friends or not im gonna unfollow the ones who mostly post things i’m not interested in

nothing personal, i just dont want certain things on my dash, i’m not that into certain fandoms anymore etc.

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just got home from parents place

yesterdays easter dinner was weird, to say the least. someone remind me to talk to dad about it because im both interested and genuinely concerned

sol’s going home tomorrow and it’ll be a while until we see each other again, but the good thing about her going home is that then we can play l4d2 again and yell at each other over skype uwu